New Year’s resolutions: like a kid in a candy store

Written by Kat Tomasewski. Posted in January

It’s that time of year when adults become like children in a virtual New Year’s resolutions candy store. All those resolutions look so enticing, shiny, and sweet, and our appetite is colossal. So we grab that basket and rush through the aisles, tossing in as many resolutions as we can, such as get in shape, lose weight, eat dinner as a family every night, travel more, volunteer in the community, be more active as a family, etc. But like children whose eyes or much larger than their stomachs, our ambition far outweighs our reality. Often three weeks into the New Year, we have only taken a small bite out of each resolution. We are then doubled over with severe stomach pains. There are just too many, and it is too overwhelming, so we toss the bag in the trash and bid farewell to those resolutions. Not this year!


This year we will rise to the occasion; we will not toss that bag of resolution in the trash. This year will be different. We will follow these simple steps to achieving New Year’s resolution bliss:

To thine own self be true!

Far too often we see someone else fall head over heels in love with their passion and they literally radiate with joy. That is what we all want and yearn for, but it is important to remember that simply copying someone else’s passion will not provide us with the same results. Just because your neighbor’s passion is downhill skiing doesn’t necessarily mean it will be yours. This is not to discourage you from trying something new but rather a word to the wise to test the waters with your toe before diving in headfirst. Thus, don’t buy the skis and all the gear and book the trip to Colorado just to find out you hate skiing. Rather, take a class at Boyne, rent those skis, and see what you think before you book that trip.

Evaluate the cost

Think about the cost—not just the monetary cost, but also the time it could take away from the family or other responsibilities and obligations. Is it worth that cost? Could it cause strain somewhere else in your life? If you answer yes to either of these questions, then perhaps that resolution isn’t for you, or at least isn’t for you at this point in your life. Remember, you can do it all, just not all at once!

Less is more

Limit the amount of resolutions you make. If you make too many, you will become quickly overwhelmed and chances are you will buckle under all that pressure. Also, try to broaden the scope of your resolutions; everyone seems to focus all their attention on their bodies, but what about the health of our minds and souls?


We are human. We will fall short. When we do fall short, we must forgive ourselves and remember tomorrow is a new day. We can start fresh tomorrow. Do not become discouraged if you slip up and forget to fulfill a daily or weekly resolution. Do not punish yourself; simply start fresh the next day/week.

Keep these steps handy this month as you navigate that virtual New Year’s resolutions candy store. Don’t become distracted by the resolutions in others’ baskets, keep your list to a minimum, and choose wisely!❦

Kat Tomasewski writes the wildly popular Mom on the Go in Holy Toledo blog. Kat is a wife and mother living in Northwest Ohio and is a regular contributor to WTOL. She shares her knowledge on healthy recipes, parenting tips, local family friendly activities, and marriage advice. Kat will be writing a monthly blog that will be featured on our website as well as several print articles throughout the year. We welcome Kat and her thousands of followers to HLN!