Affiliation won’t change Sunset’s commitment to high-quality care and services

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in Our Community

With Sunset Retirement Communities and Otterbein SeniorLife recently announcing that the two non-profit senior-care organizations have affiliated, older adults who are currently exploring their senior-living options may be questioning how this new partnership could impact the quality of the services Sunset provides. The answer is simple:

While Sunset facilities will undergo minor name changes, they will continue to provide the same high-quality care, services, and amenities to which residents and their loved ones are accustomed.

According to Gayle Young, Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations for Sunset Retirement Communities, both Sunset and Otterbein stand to benefit from the affiliation and are mutually confident that the resulting entity will be stronger than the sum of its parts. “The intent behind the partnership for both organizations is to drive up synergy and drive down the cost of operations, while maintaining outstanding care and customer service,” she states.

As part of the affiliation, Sunset House and Sunset Village will become Otterbein Sunset House and Otterbein Sunset Village respectively, while the congregate assisted living apartments will be called The Woodlands at Otterbein Sunset House and the independent living residences will be called Fieldstone Villas at Otterbein Sunset Village. “What won’t change, however, are the current staff members, leadership team, and local board of directors, all of whom continue to place the highest priority on maintaining outstanding care and services,” Young says.

She further explains that non-profit communities like Sunset and Otterbein are focused on meeting residents’ needs, not the profit motive. They still must abide by all the same local, state, and federal rules and regulations as their for-profit counterparts, but non-profits are generally better poised to implement programs and services that best meet the needs of the older population. Staffing ratios and the overall quality of care and services also tend to be better in non-profits.

At Otterbein Sunset, the entire staff is committed to making residents’ days as joyous and fulfilled as possible. “You can see evidence of this every day in all of Otterbein Sunset’s communities—for example in the wide variety of activities we offer to keep residents engaged and growing, such as educational programming, exercise classes, community outings, and intellectually stimulating presentations by area experts,” Young adds.

Another powerful reflection of Otterbein Sunset’s ongoing commitment to people over profit motive is their continued promise that if residents ever legitimately exhaust their financial resources, they will still have a home for life.

Furthermore, residents can rest assured that Otterbein Sunset is poised to provide for their changing care needs—meaning Otterbein Sunset can remain their home throughout their lives. The organization’s care continuum includes assisted living, memory care, and health care at Otterbein Sunset House; assisted living, health care, memory support, and a state-of-the-art rehab center at Otterbein Sunset Village; active-living apartments at The Woodlands at Otterbein Sunset House; active-living homes at Fieldstone Villas at Otterbein-Sunset Village; and hospice and palliative care services through Ashanti Hospice and Palliative Care.

For more information, please call 419-536-4645 (Otterbein Sunset House), 419-724-1200 (Otterbein Sunset Village), 419-724-1220 (The Woodlands at Otterbein Sunset House), or 419-386-2686 (Fieldstone Villas at Otterbein Sunset Village), or visit