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Imagine you are 80 years old, no longer can drive, and have children who live out of state but want to stay in your own home. How do you get your food? You are a diabetic and just can’t control your sugar levels. Where can you turn? You just had hip replacement surgery and are going home but you live alone. How do you get to the store plus have the quality of nutrition you need to heal? You have children that can help you, but they all work and they already do so much for you. How can you stay independent when you just can’t cook anymore?

Running tips for beginners

Are you interested in running but afraid of the first steps? Here are a few tips to get you off on the right foot and on your way to enjoying the sport of running. Most important, consult your physician before starting any exercise program.

New hope for failed back surgery

Failed back surgery (FBS) is a real bugaboo. It leads to chronic neck, arm, or back pain and/or leg pain that occurs after surgery. The most common complaints with FBS include burning and aching pain involving the back and/or legs. Patients can report sharp, stabbing pain into the extremities.

10 healthy, kid-approved winter activities

Wind-chill advisories, school delays, hunting down matching mittens, runny noses, and chapped lips—yep, winter has officially arrived! Gone are the days of the kiddos running outside to play with friends for hours on end. Now it seems like the sun is setting as soon as they get home from school. But the cold temperatures and lack of sunlight are no excuse to hibernate. Children need to stay active year round, no matter the weather outside. However, finding fun, engaging, winter-friendly activities can be tricky, especially when the warmth of a blanket and your child’s favorite videogame beckons.

Winter skin spruce-up

Very few individuals realize that 80% of their facial appearance with aging is due to sun exposure and subsequent skin damage. All the brown spots (“age spots”), broken blood vessels on the face, fine lines, and sagging skin are caused almost entirely by sun! What about the “worry lines” between your eyes, deep smile lines, upper lip lines (lipstick runs uphill), and your sagging jowls and neck? These unfortunate changes caused by prior sun exposure can be improved dramatically with pain-free, non-invasive cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Handler.

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