St. Clare Commons offers new spring programs

Don’t miss these fascinating and informative programs that are new this spring at St. Clare Commons:

Explore Our World

Travel the world at CHI Living Communities St. Clare Commons (SCC) through the Explore Our World Program. A new program will explore different countries throughout the year. Participants will sample cuisine of that country, prepared by our chef, that will tantalize taste buds along with a performance of something unique to the culture, such as music, dancing, or even a travel lecture.

A Walk in the Park | Beach bums

You have probably heard that the basic vacation question is “Mountains or beach?” If you posed the question to Shirley or me, the immediate answer would be “Mountains, of course!” Smokies, Blue Ridge, Adirondacks, Guadalupes, Rockies, Big Horns, Sawtooths, Sierra Nevada.

Vitamins as drugs?

As our society becomes more health conscious there is a general trend toward a more natural approach to getting healthy. Many people are shying away from the idea of taking strong prescription drugs on a regular basis. The question then becomes, what is the alternative? While it is true that vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, herbs and such can help with established medical conditions, their more powerful role is in preventative medicine. With that in mind we will discuss the use of some of the more potent supplements as they relate to major organ systems.

Kids’ camps make summer a time of:discovery and learning

April is in the air, and kids across the country are beginning to sense that the end of another school year is close at hand. But what sort of summer do you envision for your child? An exciting time of discovery, enrichment, and learning or an idle period spent indoors, tethered to the latest high-tech gadget? If you chose the former, you’re in luck because many area schools and organizations offer exciting summer camps that help keep kids productively occupied while sharpening their skills in academics, sports, and personal interests of all kinds.

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