April 2015 Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Thank you for picking up the April issue of Healthy Living News. We’re extremely proud of the variety of content in this 64-page issue, which is brimming over with locally written health-related articles. We’re confident you and your family will find something to enrich your lives within its pages. Thanks as always to our advertisers whose support makes it possible to bring you this publication free of charge every month.

Featured in this month’s issue is our 19th annual Summer Camp Guide—our answer to every child’s summer lament, “There’s nothing to do!” This year’s guide lists camp opportunities in sports, science, nature, art, music, history, geocaching, and a host of other special interests, offered by various schools and organizations in our community. See page 19 to choose a camp that fits your child’s interests and aptitudes.

This issue also includes two timely articles on seasonal allergies courtesy of Toledo Clinic allergist/immunologist Dr. Binod Thakur (p. 36) and Drs. Christopher Perry and Oliver Jenkins of The Toledo Clinic ENT Sinus Center of Excellence (p. 48), a profile of ProMedica’s efforts to address the issue of childhood concussions through state-of-the-art ImPACT testing and their new multidisciplinary Pediatric Concussion Clinic (p. 5), insights on skin cancer prevention from Deb Ross, Education Coordinator for Mercy Cancer Center (p. 50), a glimpse at the various fun, beginner friendly multisport events that will be presented by Jim and Joyce Donaldson of Elite Endeavors this summer (p. 58), and much, much more.

We’re also pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with ToledoEats.com to debut The Food Shark (p. 37). This new monthly column will feature reviews of delicious dishes offered by your favorite local eateries, beginning with Grumpy’s famous Garbage Salad (Don’t let the name fool you!). We think The Food Shark will prove to be a popular element of HLN, and we welcome any feedback and suggestions you might have after reading the first savory installment.

If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, I hope you and your family can get outside to enjoy the mild spring weather. I know I plan to take full advantage of it while I can!

Until next month, stay safe, active, and healthy!



Don't get stuck in your comfort zone

When you’ve been running the same course at the same pace for a long period, the route and scenery become boring and you might feel as though you’re on “auto pilot” during your run. Most runners experience these same feelings at one time or another during their training. Challenging yourself daily with your running program will help minimize your “comfort-zone” tendencies. Here’s how:

Iceman Otzi and acupuncture

In 1991, in the Italian Alps, a frozen iceman over 5,000 years old was discovered. Intensive study revealed that “Otzi" suffered from numerous ailments, including Lyme disease, gallstones, gum disease, and intestinal disease. He also suffered from severe low-back and knee pain due to arthritis. He appears to have died suddenly at about 45 years of age from an arrow in the back.