August 2015 Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Thank you for picking up the August issue of Healthy Living News. The smiling little hockey star on this month’s cover serves as a reminder that children’s sports are supposed to be fun—not intensely competitive activities, opportunities for parents to relive their athletic glory days, or pathways to the pros. In fact, studies reveal that keeping the fun in kids’ sports not only increases their satisfaction and confidence, but also promotes a lifetime of participation. In his article on page 5, long-time HLN contributor and USPTA Elite Professional Mark Faber further explains why it’s so important to keep the “F Word” in kids’ athletics.

In recognition of National Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, our friends at Schmakel Eye Care/The Vision Improvement Program/The Sensory Learning Program explain why a vision screening performed by a pediatrician or school nurse is not a substitute for a comprehensive exam by a qualified eye doctor. See the article on page 14 for all the details.

If you or someone you love is experiencing memory issues, we urge you to read the profile of the Toledo Clinic Cognitive Center on page 30. Whether the memory loss is related to dementia, head trauma, or any other cause, Dr. Sherry-Ann Jenkins’ holistic, all-natural, non-pharmaceutical treatment approach can make a big difference.

Also in this issue, Dr. Donato Borrillo of Mercy Wound & Hyperbaric Center shares his expert insights on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat stubborn wounds (p. 22); Dr. John H. Fish III, medical director of ProMedica Vascular Medicine, discusses the causes and latest treatments of varicose veins (p. 17); Amy Dugan, NP, of the University of Toledo Health Interventional Pain Clinic defines the intrathecal pain pump, a state-of-the-art implantable device used to treat chronic pain (p. 22); and Heidi Nichols, CNP, of The Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers, explains the vital role of palliative care in cancer treatment (p. 7).

Whether you’re a parent with a child heading back to school this month or you’re simply looking for information to enhance your health, fitness, and well being, you’ll find something of interest in the pages of this issue. And remember, our content is always written by Toledo-area professionals specifically for residents of our local community—and, of course, made possible by the ongoing support of local advertisers.

There is help for the discomfort of varicose veins

Varicose veins—those bulging, twisting, unsightly veins most commonly appearing on the legs and feet—can be a source of embarrassment during shorts and bathing suit season. But the issue with varicose veins isn’t always strictly cosmetic. While most cases aren’t serious, they can cause considerable discomfort, and in some instances, they can even be related to a more significant vascular health condition.

That Darn "F" Word

Ok, stop right there! I have a feeling I know what “F Word” came to mind, but that’s not it at all! The “F Word” I’m referring to is “fun”!

In our win-or-lose society, the word fun has been all but removed from the world of sports. But no matter what the sport, it needs to be fun. A month or so ago, I wrote how overall participation in sports is down across the board. Going back through all of my educational material from over the years, there have been presentations and conversations about the fear of early specialization in sports and what it could lead to.

Black Swamp Rowing Challenges and Inspires Youth

Black Swamp Rowing is a new, competitive, club-based team that was started in the 2015 spring season. The team was founded by competitive rowers, their families, and a highly experienced coach who wanted an opportunity to row competitively and to gain the knowledge and experience to row at the collegiate level.