June 2015 Letter from the Publisher

Kevin O'Connell

Dear Readers;

Thank you for picking up the June issue of Healthy Living News. Our cover this month features the annual Ohio/Michigan 8K/5K, “The Original Border Battle Run and Race in Two States,” to be held Thursday, July 9, 2015 at Sylvania’s Centennial Quarry. Sponsored by Dave’s Performance Footgear, this weekday evening event promises a mix of summer fun and a little friendly competition, and we’re especially proud to serve as a forum to help promote family-friendly events like this. See page 5 for more details.

Our cover inset this month is a photo from the YMCA’s free Splash program, which teaches kids ages 3 to 12 the essentials of water safety and basic swimming skills. Splash, to be held this year from June 15 to 18 at six area locations, is just one of many different swimming programs offered through the Y. Be sure to read the article on page 8 for more information and some timely water-safety tips.

Also in this issue, Sue Mahoney-Stombaugh of The Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers discusses the positive trend of cancer survivorship and the challenges that come with it (p. 6), Dr. Jeffrey Bair of ProMedica Physicians Orthopaedics explains that men, too, are vulnerable to osteoporosis (p. 11), Dr. Mickey Frame of Frame Chiropractic and Acupuncture and Dr. Mike Jajuga of Foundation Chiropractic Clinic share their insights on providing post-surgical spine rehab using the innovative Laser Spine Institute protocol (p. 14), Toledo Clinic allergist/immunologist Dr. Binod Thakur tells readers how to “take the sting out of insect allergies and anaphylaxis” (p. 10), and Mercy marketing pros Kathy Valtin and Sarah Velliquette urge area residents to get “heart smart” by taking part in the Heart of West Toledo Challenge—another family friendly community event (p. 40).

June is a month for graduations, weddings, and, of course, healthy outdoor activities. And the Toledo area offers all sorts of opportunities to get moving in the great outdoors—from tennis to swimming to hiking, boating, or biking and just about any other activity that might interest you. We encourage you and your family to make the most of them!

Until next month, stay safe, active, and healthy!

The importance of proper posture in reducing pain

Posture plays an important role in reducing health complications, including back, neck, and shoulder pain. Most people tend to sit slumped in a chair, which reverses the normal curvature of the lower back and neck. This puts increased pressure on the discs of the lower back, resulting in pain and stiffness. While sitting at a computer, people also tend to round their back and strain their neck forward. This will shorten the muscles of the neck and can lead to headaches and muscle spasms. Over time, poor posture can cause certain muscles to function improperly, which leads to abnormal stresses in the joints and causes pain.

Mercy challenge gets right to the heart of West Toledo

Striving to spread the message about the benefits of heart disease prevention and promote a healthier West Toledo community, Mercy has launched a series of fun, informative, and innovative heart-health events, dubbed the Heart of West Toledo Challenge. The series kicked off in March and culminates on Saturday, June 27 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at Mercy St. Anne Hospital.

A Walk in the Park: Taking it for granted

Shirley and I are history buffs. But, then, one of us is a geezer who has actually lived through a lot of history since the Fall of Rome. Young Americans, though, are notorious for disliking history and not knowing who we fought in the Revolution or when Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton were president. (They’re on money, aren’t they, so they must be “dead presidents.”) We have Black History Month because African-Americans know the importance of understanding their heritage. We have Women’s History Month because women likewise want to recognize the contributions of women to our history. But we tend to take it for granted that American history is inherently boring and that the country will somehow survive if ordinary citizens don’t know or appreciate what it takes to preserve their freedoms.